About the project

BIOINNO is a 2 year project co-funded by European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme. The project will utilize New Learning and Teaching Methods (NLTM) which will rely on structured programmes to improve intersectoral mobility between its partners from Industry and Academia and increase knowledge sharing through:

  • courses in entrepreneurship specifically designed for under and postgraduate students as part of their degree programmes, internships designed to better benefit both entrepreneurship students and SMEs;
  • cross-border mobility and short-term exchanges of educators and researchers.

It proposes a methodology that takes into account some key factors in the innovation process, the transfer of innovation to the business world, the protection of intellectual property, the development and commercialization of innovation produced by the university. This that has proven successful in the U.S. and can be adapted to the EU business culture. This methodology provides a general part applicable to all areas of research and a specification for biotechnology innovation in order to test and evaluate concretely the format, contents and the setting up of the university-industry network.
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