Work programme

The project work is divided into 9 work packages with their specific results and activities. At the end of the page you can see a Gantt diagram showing the duration of the different workpackages through the project duration.  In more detail these are:

BIOINNO work programme

WP1: Coordination and Management

Leader - University of Tuscia. 

The goal of WP1 is to guarantee effective coordination and management of the project, to ensure that contractual and reporting obligations are met in a timely fashion and to maintain effective liaison with the European Commission and the LLP programme.

WP2: Designing Teaching and Learning Models for Entrepreneurship Education

Leader - University of Cambridge

The main goal of WP2 is to design new teaching and learning methodologies that will provide relevant, credible and practical training.  

WP3: Development of Entrepreneurial Competences (Knowledge, skills and attitudes)

Leader - ADAPT

The aim of this WP is to promote a truly entrepreneurship culture in student education and to foster
attitudes, skills and abilities for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. 

 WP4: Pilot Activities on Entrepreneurship Education

Leader - University of Tuscia.

The aim of WP4 is to expose students to entrepreneurial spirit by developing multiple programs and
activities relating to entrepreneurship in biotechnology disciplines.

WP5: Mobility and Exchanges

Leader - University of Tuscia/Mobility and International Cooperation Office

The aim of WP5 is to provide mobility to the participating partners and the student groups targeted for pilot
activities in order to exchange/transfer of knowledge and carry out the BIOINNO pilot activities on
entrepreneurship education.

WP6: Evaluation and Validation

Leader - Emerald Marketing

The aim of this WP is to evaluate the experiences carried out and validation of results. It will provide
evaluation to ensure the quality of the entrepreneurship courses developed for students and users alike. Also
in this WP the final version of the BIOINNO education program will be defined. 

WP7: Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality Plan

Leader - Artesis Plantijn University College

The goal of WP7 is to implement a blended type Evaluation with elements of Planning (Quality Plan),
Formative (progress Report) and Summative (Impact Reports and Quality Assessment).

WP8: Dissemination

Leader - SPACE

The primary objective of the dissemination WP, led by SPACE, is to ensure on a regional, national and
international level promotion of the deliverables and (intermediate and final) results of the project during the
lifetime of the project, to increase the understanding of target audiences of the concept, and to promote the
BIOINNO platform.

WP9: Exploitation and Sustainability

Leader - BDA

This WP is focused on exploitation plan and on securing the long-term impact beyond the life of the project.