Name of organization Type of Institution City Country

Confederation of Italian Industry

Rome Italy
2 Novamont Private Novara Italy
3 BASF Private Ludwigshafen Germany
4 Gruppo Barilla Private Parma Italy
5 Purdue University PUBLIC West Lafayette USA
6 OBLON SPIVAK LLP Private Virginia USA
7 University of Alabama PUBLIC Huntsville USA
8 University of Essex PUBLIC Colchester United Kingdom
9 University of East Anglia PUBLIC Norwich United Kingdom
10 John Innes Centre Independent centre for research and training Norwich United Kingdom
11 Rothamsted Research Research institution Harpenden United Kingdom
12 The Institute of Food Research Non-profit company and charity Norwich United Kingdom
13 University Campus Suffolk PUBLIC Suffolk United Kingdom
14 Easton & Otley College PUBLIC


United Kingdom
15  University of Southampton PUBLIC Southampton United Kingdom
16  University of Kingston PUBLIC Kingston upon Thames United Kingdom
17 Biocomposite Centre-Bangor University PUBLIC Bangor United Kingdom
18  University of Palermo  PUBLIC Palermo Italy
19 INOVISA Private Lisbon Portugal 
20 National Institute of Agricultural Botany Private Parma Italy 
21 European Food and Safety Authority

Agency of the
European Union

Parma Italy 
22 University of Adelaide PUBLIC  Adelaide Australia
23 University of Lleida PUBLIC  Lleida Spain
24 University of Málaga PUBLIC Malaga Spain
25 Polytechnic University of Madrid PUBLIC Madrid Spain
26 Abengoa S.A. Private Seville Spain 
27 Chemtex Private Tortona Italy
28  TusciaWeb Private Viterbo  Italy 
29  VITERBO NEWS 24 Private Viterbo Italy
30  espansioneonline Private Milan Italy