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Does BIOINNO offer online courses?

BIOINNO offers a variety of open learning opportunities, including online courses and webinars. Through the BIOINNO2GO e-learningplatform, anyone of BIOINNO students with an Internet connection can gain access to these courses.

Why a course in BioEntrepreneurship?


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A Revolutionary Era for Education and New Venture Creation in Biotech Industry

Looking ahead, we strongly believe that online learning is rapidly changing the landscape of higher education by effectively delivering high quality, affordable opportunities to learners worldwide. The BIOINNO Consortium through its e-learning platform - BIOINNO2GO is empowering and readying the next generation of bioentrepreneurs to turn vision into reality.


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Our designed e-learning programs offer comprehensive knowledge in biotech entrepreneurship and provide the fundamental skills that every bioentrepreneur needs to succeed. With students involved from all over Europe, you can share opportunities and ideas with peers. This networking opportunity cultivates long-term relationships personally and professionally to nurture new biotech ventures across Europe.


Career goldBoost Your Career Performance

As our students learn how to create innovative ventures, they also earn a certificate of completion from outstanding universities. This certificate equips them with the ability to understand how to think about entrepreneurial action, how to identify opportunities and recognize innovation. This certificate provides the credentials to be an attractive recruit for innovation-based companies and organizations.


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Award-Winning Professionals with Successful Startup Experience    An Online Platform for Learning and Networking    Support and Resources During and Beyond BIOINNO 
Our professionals selected to teach are accomplished leaders and role models in entrepreneurship education. Furthermore, they are entrepreneurs themselves who have lived the entrepreneurial journey and appreciate the balance between basic science and translational research.   Our learning management system leverages one of the best e-learning softwares with a focus on design and usability. Our course architecture leverages lecture videos, exercises, interactive Q&A sessions, and storytelling to empower learners.   We strongly believe the BIOINNO2GO online learning experience is basically the foundation of your new venture creation. Therefore, we aim to manage a long-term network that will last far beyond the project end.


 This unit comprises four modules that focus on the definition, introduction, and exercises for new venture opportunity recognition. Learn how to identify and recognize entrepreneurial opportunities for innovation-based ventures. Understand when an idea might be an opportunity. Comprehend the socio-economic value of your research. Investigate the key steps, and the role of creativity and action.     This unit comprises four modules that emphasize how to gather evidence about opportunity and how to make the business case. Define the right business and business simulation (cross-cultural) models and understand the process of technological development, Intellectual Property protection, and the strategies of Technology Transfer that companies anduniversitiesuse to value innovation. Develop a deeper knowledge about markets and customers. Learn how to turn idea into a potential venture using a business framework.   This unit comprises three modules that explore the route to market. It provides an introduction to the soft skills that are most important to entrepreneurship, including how to pitch your research in a way that investors, corporate partners, customers, and grandmother can understand.   Learn from accomplished role models what they have done, how they do what they do and the motivations for their actions.


Project Coordinator: Prof. Antoine Harfouche This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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