BIOINNO Entrepreneurial Internship Programme

BIOINNO Enterpreneurship Programme

Entrepreneurship is the driving force behind a vibrant society with the creation of new jobs, renewal of the economy and expansion of human welfare. Although entrepreneurship was long thought restricted to a few people, it is nowadays being taught in all fields to promote innovation and creativity, preparing students for increasingly demanding jobs and careers. Entrepreneurship education is a much broader concept than entrepreneurship as a practice of trade. Engaging students in a learning experience that promotes entrepreneurial traits and behaviours is the key to their professional development. Like many other courses, entrepreneurial learning is mostly effective when it is complemented with experiential learning. In a higher education setting, students are exposed to a variety of enriching experiential opportunities ranging from service-learning, volunteering, student organization leadership, campus involvements, faculty-led research and project, study-abroad experiences and internships to student employment.

BIOINNO has chosen to complement its biotechnology entrepreneurship education programme with biotech networking internships offered by BIOINNO partner biotech companies because of the benefits it presents to all parties involved (university, industry, and students). Entrepreneurial internships are becoming more and more valuable on students’ résumés with an increasing number of employers looking for experienced entrepreneurial minds.
The ultimate goal of the Entrepreneurship lab is to boost students’ careers by offering them the opportunity to contextualize what they learned during the BIOINNO training through the BIOINNO biotech internship programme. BEIP also benefits companies hosting interns by giving them access to high quality individuals to serve in a temporary capacity. Young interns can offer fresh perspectives, professional attitudes and a desire to add value. In addition, companies can use the program as an opportunity to identify topnotch people who would be a good fit with the existing team and company culture in a full-time capacity.

We at BIOINNO are confident that this resource will aid in shedding light about the important contributions BIOINNO Knowledge Alliance in Europe can make to develop a creative and entrepreneurial spirit and behaviours that will allow students to reach their full potential and provide economic prosperity.