Innovation in Biotech

The Innovation Centre for Biotech Learning, Cambridge University is running a new training programmes for the Biotech inovation network. This includes a two-day laboratory Training Course.

We encourage Intellectual Property resulting from their own research or that of their group.

It will inspire and develop entrepreneurial skills through the use of task and activities which have been customised for the Biotech partners in order to:

Define entrepreneurship and application to the biotech sector
Inspire and motivate curiosity in venture creation and technology commercialisation
Understand the role of creativity in the commercialisation of Intellectual Property
Unlock creativity and enterprise to understand the potential application of research.

Learn how to recognise an opportunity

Understand the key stages in converting research into customer-ready products and services
Learn how to communicate the value of research

The two-day Facilitator Training Course followed by the three-day Entrepreneurial Training Course will take place from the 23rd March to 28th March 2014 at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Who is the course for?

This course is targeted at two groups of individuals:
Ambitious and energetic individuals who are passionate about commercialising biotech innovations. Candidates can be at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey whether starting out with an idea, in the process of commercialising, or, considering the impact of their research and their career direction.
The course is also appropriate for those from commercial backgrounds who wish to expand their knowledge and experience of early stage technology commercialisation in the biotech sector.


It is expected that by the end of the programme participants will have:

Learned about entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, motivations and challenges
Developed a network of like-minded people working cross-borders
Built up the knowledge and confidence to take their Intellectual Property to market
Learned how to explain the technology opportunity in commercial terms
Developed a coherent proposal to pitch to investors

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